About the company

New Tecknology is one of the largest export hub for manufacturers of accessories and auxiliary equipment for all type of machinery equipments in Europe. The company was established in 2017 in the Ukraine European country by two friends with the aim of helping people make the most of their machinery search  needs a success. We started locally with exporting Agricultural fields equipments and have since rapidly expanded both our product line and availability. Currently, our range includes more than 45 specific products as well as an ever expanding line of universal products.

We have, however, stayed true to our original hands-on production cycle. All of our products are designed from the ground up based on input from users and vehicle manufacturers, business owners scale farming, Iron rods, wires  and metals in different specification. The designs are carefully prototyped, thoroughly tested, improved, and tested some more with start-of-art standards. Only when we are sure the product fully meets the requirements for which it is built, will we start proposing to end buyers and even then we will do our best to develop the products further based on future user suggestions by altering designs and adding improvements.

New Tecknology

As conducted important research outcomes for far future estimate that socio-economic developments will be shaped by agriculture and agricultural products in our world, our company aims to connect to different countries to produce value added and innovative products, by keeping in mind all relevant stages of agriculture, in agricultural mechanization sector. Given that New Tecknology pays a special attention to quality services, it is still keeps the first  centre title in agriculture machines & metal exports business from Ukraine, Poland and can sources for different types respectively as demanded by our clients we are certified by relevant Ministry since 2017. 

The New Tecknology ventures with Silahub Technology in Nigeria to cover our African market for the supply and imports of  agricultural equipment and metals. In order to follow developments in the world in the right time and place, It gives significant value to new technological products. It aims to have a place globally in agricultural mechanisation sector with innovative and technological projects. New Tecknology will put your value ahead from the begging to the end results in supplying you with the best quality of materials which is our core value.